Release date: July 2020

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Karma reloaded is about the boundaries that the cosmic order imposes to our willpower and ability to manifest. Its all about those love energies that have been lost and the struggle to understand the ‘’why’’ behind a painful separation or an unrequited love. Is the flame bound to extinguish when the Karma is reloaded?

Track list

  1. Praying In Geneva
  2. The Knight’s Dream
  3. False Spring
  4. Funfair Of Souls
  5. Human State
  6. Magic Spell
  7. The Price
  8. Eight Of Cups
  9. Karmic Remembrance
  10. Dance In The Light
  11. Judgement

Bonus Tracks

  1. Human State (GRENDEL Remix)
  2. Magic Spell (ROTERSAND Rework)
  3. Eight Of Cups (IAMBIA Remix)


Music, lyrics and vocals by George Sofianos
Live keboards by Nick von Karma
Mixed and mastered by Dimitris N. Douvras @ Lunatech Sounds Studio
Artwork by Vlad McNeally @ Kallisti:Design
(p) + (c) 2019 DWA